Tips to Maintain a Range Hood

An often overlooked, but vital part of any kitchen’s function is the range hood that is secured above your oven or cooking surface. Whether you have natural gas, propane, or electric appliances, a range hood can provide you with many benefits including cleaner air, added task lighting, and the removal of grease in your workspace. Taking care of the range hood in your kitchen can make it last longer, look better, and function for years to come. Here are some great tips from Brisbane Appliance Sales on how to maintain a range hood for function and longevity.

Basic Cleaning

Like any appliance, the range hood needs to be cleaned. Regular maintenance will keep it in top working order. You can clean the exterior of your range hood using a variety of popular appliance cleaners that you can purchase at the supermarket. Good ol’ soap and water works just fine too. Be sure to use warm water to loosen any grease that might on the surface of the range hood, and whip the appliance dry when you have finished washing it so that there is no added build up of cleaner.

Air Filter Cleaning

Air filters need to be replaced once in awhile, but you can also clean them to make them last longer. Most appliance experts say you should replace your air filter at least once a year for maximum effectiveness and cleanliness. Because air filters can become clogged with grease, you’ll need to use a grease-fighting soap and hot water to remove any grease debris left behind. You’ll need to dry the appliance filter completed before attempting to place it back in the appliance: this is an electric appliance, after all. Safety first! If you have a metal filter, you won’t need to replace it, but you will need to clean it more often.

Vent Cleaning

Another important aspect to clean and maintain is the vent that runs from the range hood to the exterior of your home. This needs to be cleaned on a regular basis because grease builds up here the quickest. You can hire a professional range hood cleaner to clean out the grease build up. Many appliance experts recommend having an expert look at the vent coming from your range hood on a yearly basis to ensure there are no problems with the installation, function, and grease build-up that has occurred since the last visit. However, if you take good care of your range hood and are sure to change your air filters regularly, you can minimise the amount of grease buildup that appears and sticks inside the vent of your range hood.

Check for Other Grease Buildup

Grease build-up on any surface in your kitchen is a fire hazard. You’ll want to make cleaning the range hood in your kitchen a regular task. Choosing the right size and powered range hood is also important. If you don’t cook a lot in your kitchen, you can use a smaller range hood; but if you are a budding chef, you might want to consider a more powerful range hood to ensure the least amount of grease build up over time.

Looking for a new range hood for your kitchen? Maybe you need a new range to complement that new range hood? Whatever it is that you need to bring your kitchen up to date, make it safer and cleaner, and make it easier to work in, Brisbane Appliances has the perfect range hood solution for you. We’ll help you choose the appliances that will add the finishing touch to any kitchen. If you’re unsure of what will look best for you, give our team a call to discuss what we can do for you.

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