How Brisbane Appliance Sales Choose Brands and The Importance of Quality

When you’re looking to renovate your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or al fresco area, you want to know you’re choosing the best possible products. They need to not only be not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functioning correctly. As a result, it’s important to only stock the best, highest quality brands to ensure there is a good level of customer satisfaction.

To get a better insight into how decisions around brands and quality control are made, we spoke to a representative from Brisbane Appliance Sales. As with many businesses, customer satisfaction is the most important factor in any decision for Brisbane Appliance Sales.

“Our business is built on word of mouth referrals and repeat clientele without which we would not be celebrating our 28th year of trade. Fundamentally without exceptional brands and products that are leaders within their respective fields we wouldn’t have a diverse range of cutting edge products that we personally enjoy selling and are proud to stand behind. We know and trust the brands we sell, we have confidence and stand by the promises our products make in performance and reliability because we know they deliver the results.”

“Finding the solution that best meets our clients needs is paramount to our service, we delight in knowing our customers’ expectations were met not only in service but in the way in which their new products transform their cooking or make their laundry all that much more easy by perfectly matching their requirements with new technologies and conveniences on offer from the brands we sell.”

So why is quality an important factor?

“To ensure you’re buying quality, we source our appliances from all over the world to find the brands that we know will give you the best possible experience for your lifestyle. Embrace European quality and local ingenuity to find the perfect appliances to compliment your home. ‘Our philosophy at Brisbane Appliance Sales is that QUALITY IS PARAMOUNT.’ This is why we stock some of the world’s most respected brands.”

“For over 28 years our family has come to know exactly which products offer you the best quality and value. With all this experience, we have developed an extensive range of products from brands with a demonstrated history for consistent quality at the forefront of technological developments; a range that we know is world class and can transform your home.”

Technology has been rapidly developing and improving, and housing appliances are no exception. Newly introduced technology often requires explanation to ensure the customer knows exactly how to use the appliance and all of its features. Furthermore, customers need to decide whether or not an appliance meets all of their requirements. This is where Brisbane Appliance Sales comes in.

“Catering to all budgets and design styles, we take the time necessary to explain and demonstrate all the options available to you. Technology, trends, and functionality are regularly updating within the appliance industry and it is important to understand these options in order to confidently select the appliances best suited to your lifestyle.”

That is why it is so important to have qualified, experienced consultants. When shopping at Brisbane Appliance Sales, you can be rest assured the representative can give you solid advice and help you find the perfect appliance for your house.

Brisbane Appliance Sales is a third generation family owned company, with the representatives boasting over 80 years of knowledge in the appliance industry. As a result, the staff has an unrivaled knowledge of appliances. In fact, this knowledge has been recognised, with staff being awarded as the industry’s most esteemed personnel year after year.

But the staff’s service doesn’t stop when you’ve walked out of the door with your new purchase. Brisbane Appliance Sales is committed to ensuring that your buying experience is helpful right through to the installation and beyond by providing:

  • On time delivery
  • Storage of your good prior to delivery
  • Installation detail for your cabinet maker/builder
  • Removal/installation service
  • Recommendations for authorised installation and repair agents that we know and trust

So how do you actually decide whether or not a product is of high enough quality to be stocked at Brisbane Appliance Sales?

“Overseas tours of manufacturing plants and brand development tours. We regularly visit many of our brands home bases all over the world to see first hand how our brands develop their product ranges and test suitability of items for sale and manufacturer. What better way to confirm a brand is of the highest quality than to see first-hand how and where they are made on the production room floor.”

“We also research heavily and test our products rigorously to ensure the highest of standards, many of our brands have been in production for many decades and bring with them 100’s of years of history in specialised production within their fields, this consistency and longevity of an authentic and trustworthy brand only seeks to further prove their worthiness to meet our criteria for product selection.”

It makes sense that experienced representatives know exactly how to tell a product is of high quality, and why they decide to stock it. However, it can be difficult for those who have never worked in the appliance industry. How can the general public tell if a product is actually of high quality and worth the investment? Brisbane Appliance Sales gave a few tips to help the general public know they’re buying a quality product.

“Touch and feel! Doors open and close with ease, oven trays slide easily. Machinery parts work as they should with ease and comfort. Enamel and finishes are of high quality with the craftsmanship and presentation you would expect to find within a high end appliance.”

“The quality of the products we sell is evident when you can see them in operation, this is one of the reasons many of our displays are fully functional. Being able to hear how quiet a washing machine is when it’s in use or see how quickly and induction comes to boil allows us to demonstrate first hand the quality of the mechanisms and finish of each of our products.”

Interested in seeing Brisbane Appliance Sales’ high-quality products for yourself? Come and visit our showroom, or contact one of our friendly representatives, who will be able to help you find the right appliance.

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