How to Properly Store Wine

Wine is a drink that is enjoyed all around the world by millions. Each region has their own unique touch to the popular beverage, making it quite varied with something to suit all palates.

No matter what your choice of wine is, storing it the right way will help bring out the best of it. The next time you pick up your favourite bottle of red, white, rosé or sparkling, take these steps on how to store wine to maintain its vibrancy.

Store in Darkness

UV rays from the sun can have a detrimental effect on wine, leaving it with an unpleasant smell and taste. Dark bottles can help protect the wine and some may even have a UV protective layer, but light can still penetrate. This is why it is important to make sure your bottles are placed somewhere dark.

Lay Corked Bottles Sideways

Corks run the risk of drying out if they’re upright for too long. This will eventually find itself into your wine and ruin it. Keeping corked bottles on their side will help prevent this.

Keep at High Humidity

Another way of keeping the cork from drying out is by ensuring your bottles are stored at 70% humidity. This should be set at 70% humidity but any higher can foster an environment ideal for mould. Purchase a hygrometer to give you humidity readings and adjust as necessary.

Temperature is Key

Wherever you decide to store your wine, it must be somewhere the temperature stays steady as major fluctuations can contribute to spoiling the wine. Red wine especially is sensitive to quick temperature changes. Any change in temperature must be done very gradually and shouldn’t go beyond a change of 1.6°C (3°F) a day or 2.7°C (5°F) a year.

Avoid keeping your wine in temperatures beyond 24°C (75˚F) for long periods of time. The high temperature will oxidise the wine. Around 10-13˚C (50-55˚F) is perfect, although many wine lovers will store theirs slightly warmer than that. Temperatures below 10˚C will not cause any harm, but if you’re aiming to age the wine, then stay with 10-13˚C or slightly above.

Benefits of Properly Storing Wine

Some bottles of wine are a treat, so if you purchase it with your hard-earned cash, you want to be able to enjoy it to its full potential. Storing it the right way will enable you to do so.

If you are looking to age your wine, doing so in the right conditions will help it do so. You don’t want to be waiting a long length of time only to find that your wine has spoiled.

Having a proper environment to store wine can also save time and money. You can purchase bottles when they are younger at a much lower price and age them yourself at home. No more running to the supermarket to grab a bottle too. You’ll always have a great tasting bottle on hand to impress guests with!

Wanting to know more about the wine you’re drinking? Having a collection will help you learn more about the aging process and different tastes. You will discover more about your own preferences and be able to expand your own wine assortment with your favourites.

The best way to ensure your wine is stored properly is to keep it in climate-controlled wine storage. This keeps your wine in ideal conditions, including appropriate temperature and humidity. Brisbane Appliance Sales has something to suit most homes with both under bench or multi-zone wine storage. Each is designed to provide the best environment for your bottles of wine, keeping them at the right temperature and humidity until you’re ready to enjoy it. Find out more about our wine storage options, or contact us to discuss your needs and let us help you find a wine storage solution to fit your home and lifestyle.

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