Easy Ways To Increase The Storage Space In Your Kitchen

Easy Ways to Increase the Storage Space in Your Kitchen

The kitchen is such a busy space at the best of times, holding everything we need to sustain households with food and cooking. Sometimes kitchens are storage areas for cleaning and laundry even. With so many different appliances out there needed, our counter space seems to be at a premium. If you’re finding it difficult to store everything you need in your kitchen, then these tips should help you create more space.


Utilise the Space Above the Cabinets

If you have a gap between your cabinets and the ceiling, this is the perfect place to store items you don’t use that often, like big pots and pans that may only be used when entertaining. You can always put these items in baskets too, so the tops don’t look cluttered. Save your closest storage spaces for everyday items.

You Can Use the Space Under the Cabinets, Too!

There is often another gap between the lower cabinets and the floor which is just unused space (otherwise known as the “toe-kick”). Consider installing a shallow drawer in this space for extra storage. This kind of drawer is great for items for the kids to reach, or long-serving dishes, platters, and pans for baking.

Add Shelf Stackers or Baskets

Cabinets can often come with a shelf in the idle, but sometimes this isn’t enough and there seems to be so much wasted space. Add narrow shelf stackers in the cabinets to put more items on. You can also opt for baskets that hang over the cabinet door. These are great for lids, jars, cups, mugs, plates and more, or go for a small shelving unit right on the door for holding spices.

Add Shelving to the Walls

Counter-tops are often reserved for the items we use most days, and to keep them in plain view. If you want to save on countertop space but keep these frequently used items out, then consider adding shelving above the counters. You can still keep your appliances out and in view without compromising on space.

In addition to shelves, you can add hanging strips for things like cooking utensils. These items can be bulky and take up a lot of a drawer, so this is a great way to save on drawer space!

Have a Pull-Out Bin

There’s nothing worse than having your rubbish bin on show, and sometimes they can take up a lot of space! A pull-out drawer for rubbish and recycling is a great way of keeping it out of sight and keeping your floor space clear.

Store Items Upright

Often, we can find ourselves trying to do a balance act with pots, pans, baking items and lids in cabinets. This can end up wasting a lot of space, not to mention make it difficult to dig out what you need. Storing these items upright might be the answer. You can use wire racks (even magazine racks or wire dividers) to keep your kitchen items upright, making the most of your space and staying organised, too!

Split Drawer Space

Are your drawers deep enough that it can be split into two? If you are renovating your kitchen and installing new drawers as part of that, then having these “double drawers” may be a great idea if you’re looking to have many storage options.

Upgrade Your Appliances

Finally, one great way of getting more storage space in your kitchen is with slimline or integrated appliances. Brisbane Appliances can help. With products like our microwave/combi ovens, you can save on space by having appliances perform more functions rather than one for every task. We also offer compact dishwashers and other appliances in various sizes that will provide your kitchen with what it needs while creating more storage space.

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