Cooking Demonstrations With Brisbane Appliance Sales

Want to try before you buy? That is the concept behind Brisbane Appliance Sales’ cooking demonstrations. Before you even get the new product in your kitchen, you can see exactly how it works for yourself. You get to understand all the features of the kitchen items before they’re installed in your house. Attendees will get an idea of what meals you can cook in particular appliances, and what kitchen accessories you’ll need. Even better, once you have decided on your kitchen appliance and had it installed in your house, you can come back for another cooking demonstration to learn all the functions of your appliance and what it can cook. This means you won’t have an appliance you don’t know how to use – you’ll be able to take advantage of every feature of your brand new kitchen appliance.

Held within the Brisbane Appliance’s fully functional showroom was the Gaggenau cooking demonstration. Attendees were given an in-depth run down of the functionality of the Gaggenau ovens. While this was happening, attendees were able to see just what the oven was capable of, as a three-course meal was cooked during the demonstration.


The ovens used during the cooking demonstration was the Gaggenau 400 and 200 series, with the 400 having a more advanced design and a larger range of features. While both products are still very much high-end products, there are subtle differences between the two ranges. The 400 opens by touching or pressing the door, while the 200 includes a handle. The door of the 400 series opens a full 180 degrees, while the 200 is limited to a 110-degree opening. The 400 includes more cooking functions. The ovens convenience is highlighted through the fact they have a fully automated cleaning system. It even cleans the glass of the oven, which ovens by other brands often don’t do. That’s right – A self-cleaning oven! If you’re looking for an oven that is convenient and goes above and beyond the rest, look no further than the Gaggenau.

The Gaggenau combi-steam oven series allows you to cook nearly any dish you could imagine. The steam ovens give you five different steam percentages – completely dry, 30%, 60%, 80% or 100%. It allows you to not only steam food, but also bake, simmer, braise, regenerate, extract juice, grill and brown food. The oven even has space for a baking stone – perfect for making homemade pizzas. Essentially, this oven will replace your microwave, and result in you using pots and pans a lot less frequently. Cooking will suddenly become a lot easier with the 400 or 200 Gaggenau series.

The cooking demonstration really gave you an idea of how essential the ovens are and how they can help make your life easier. Steam is a far more energy efficient way to cook. The oven includes a separate water chamber. Once it is filled up with water, it steam and cooks the food. This is a far quicker way to cook food than traditional gas or electric ovens.


It is the superior choice over appliances such as pressure cookers. With steam ovens, it is the moisture which is doing the cooking. This ensures the nutritional value remains in the food, which is often removed when using pressure cookers.  It is the superior choice over appliances such as pressure cookers. With steam ovens, it is the moisture which is doing the cooking. This ensures the nutritional value remains in the food, which is often removed when using pressure cookers.

What is perhaps one of the most useful features of the ovens is the probe thermometer. This thermometer is inserted into the food, which is then placed into the oven. The other end of the thermometer is plugged into the oven. This then notifies the oven of what temperature the food is currently at. The oven’s timer will ring when your meal is cooked. This means the oven is basically your own personal chef. While your meat is being cooked, you can carry on doing everyday tasks throughout your house, without having to worry that your meal is being burnt. The probe helps to cook perfect meals every time. It’s a great accessory if you’re cooking roasts every Sunday.  If you use this you’ll never have to worry about having an under or overcooked meal again.
The cooking demonstration was the perfect way to highlight the huge range of food that can be cooked using the Gaggenau ovens. As the food was getting cooked while participants were in store, it highlighted how quickly and easily food could be made.

During the demonstration, meals that were cooked within the steam oven included:

  • Cinnamon roll
  • Steamed vegetables – zucchini, capsicum (yellow and red), onion, broccoli
  • Risotto
  • Chicken – which included stock, spinach, corn, paprika, lemon
  • Muffins with jam topping
  • A side of macarons and strawberries

The meals were able to give you an idea of the huge range of meals that are able to be cooked within a short timeframe using the Gaggenau ovens. The meals were even able to be cooked at the same time – the steam oven ensures the flavours and scents don’t get mixed, allowing you to cook numerous meals in the oven at once. As a result, the cooking demonstration filled the showroom with amazing smells that definitely made the working staff and customers jealous.

Overall, the cooking demonstration was a great way to highlight the excellent design and functionality of the Gaggenau 400 and 200 series, how they can cook a wide range of food and how it will essentially replace your microwave, pots and pans.

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