Common Washing Machine Problems and How to Solve Them

A washing machine is an essential to many households, so when something goes wrong, there is often a sense of urgency to get it repaired and back up and running before the laundry basket starts to overflow. Many problems that occur with washing machines are common and can be fixed quite easily. Before you panic and waste time and money on what could be a simple repair, discover these ways to tackle four of the most common washing machine issues yourself.

Strange Noises

If you start to hear noises from your washer that you haven’t noticed before, this can be alarming, but there can be a very good explanation for it. It could be that something made its way into the washer that shouldn’t have (like loose change from pockets) or a sign that something needs to be replaced.

A gurgling or clicking noise can be indicative of something obstructing the drain line. Simply remove the hose and remove any build-up you may see. Do this as soon as you can because a full clog will lead to flooding.

Hearing a hum or buzzing-type noise? Then there may be something in the pump. In this case, it wouldn’t be unusual for the pump to jam, but simply removing the object should help solve the issue. However, if there was any serious damage, it may need to be replaced.

Bad Odour

Although a washing machine is designed to wash clothes, meaning there is soap and water, many people don’t realise that the washer needs a wash too! A washer is prone to mould, bacteria and mildew build-up thanks to the dampness. You’ll want to address this because this can be detrimental to your health, and you definitely don’t want it on your clothes.
Give your machine a clean with a cleaning solution designed especially for washing machines or use baking soda and vinegar and run your washer on the highest temperature setting. Use a toothbrush to get into nooks and crannies where residue can be lurking. You should also check the area around the washing machine for any mildew.

You can prevent future odours by making sure you only use the right amount of washing powder. Any excess will just leave a residue, which then leads to odours. Also, leave the door open after removing clothes to help air it out a bit.


Washing machines can certainly cause a racket if they start moving about mid-cycle. This is nothing to worry about though, as this is a very easy fix. The laundry load could be unbalanced, or the washing machine itself is not level, causing it to go from side to side when it’s on its spin.

Simply check the load and move things around so it is more balanced. Clothes should not be packed in too much and able to move around with ease. Re-start cycle and see if that helps.
If the reason is due to an unlevel floor, then use a small piece of wood under one the feet as appropriate to level it out. Alternatively, check that the feet are in position, locked and firmly planted on the floor.


A leaking washer is not necessarily a sign that a major repair is needed. A leak could be simply down to a washer not being loaded correctly or is unbalanced. Check that the basket is balanced and that it is not overloaded, so always check this first. Then have a look at the drains, as clogged drains can cause leaks.

A leak can also be caused by worn or damaged hoses. Take a close look to ensure they are all connected properly. Also, check for any damage including cracks. Finally, check water lines and faucets for damage too. If so, then replace these to stop any more leakage.

Of course, if these tricks don’t work or you’re ever unsure about trying something yourself, always consult the professionals.

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