How to choose between induction, gas, or electric cooktops

A cooktop is an essential part of any kitchen. Not all are the same though! When you go to choose one as part of your new kitchen renovation, you’ll have to decide what type of cooktop you will want between induction, gas or electric. Each one comes with their own qualities, and it really comes down to your cooking type and preference.

Induction cooktops

Induction cooktops have metallic heating sources underneath the surface, so there are no exposed coils or plates. An alternating current flows back and forth through these metal heating elements when it is turned on. This current is safe to human touch, making this one of the safest choices to go for, but you will need the right kind of pots and pans. Certain types of metal cookware like stainless steel and iron are needed to “induce” an electrical current to help heat it. The cookware will heat up, but the cooktop surface itself does not. The cooktop surface is usually made of ceramic glass. This is a poor conductor of heat and will not keep it in, so the cooktop surface will cool off relatively quickly. It is also very easy to clean!

Induction cooktops heat up nearly instantly and are very energy efficient. With a sleek design that is safe, it is a popular choice, but it comes at a price as the most expensive choice of the three.

Gas cooktops

Gas used to be thought of the “must-have” cooktop as many people swear by this being the best way to cook. It heats up instantly, temperatures can be adjusted quite quickly, and it is suitable for all types of cookware, including large woks. However, you will need to be hooked up to gas and have this done by a professional. They are harder to clean than an induction cooktop. Although gas cooktops are safe to use when installed properly, the open flame element is off-putting for many.

Electric cooktops

Electric cooktops work by heating up coils or a hotplate. Any type of cookware can be used on them, unlike the induction cooktop. It is easy to change it to the temperature you need it to be, but it can be slow to heat up or cool down. Electric cooktops are a very cheap option and are easy to repair too. It is ideal for cooking at lower temps and for simmering, so if you tend to cook a lot with high temperatures, then an electric cooktop may be inefficient. Cleaning can be difficult as spills can be “baked” on, and coils may need to be removed to be able to clean underneath them.

How to choose what’s best for you

Given the benefits and downfalls of each type, the things to consider when choosing your cooktop are: Do you do a lot of cooking? Do you have a large family to cook for? How much space do you have? Will you have time to maintain it? If you go for an induction cooktop, will you need to purchase new cookware as well? Which one will suit your kitchen style?

In addition, you should always ask about warranties available for your type of cooktop, including what it covers and for how long. Is the brand well-known and established in Australia? This helps if it needs a repair, as you are more likely to find someone to repair a well-known brand.

We’ll help you find the right one

Still unsure what will work for you? Brisbane Appliance Sales can help determine the best type to go with your own personal design and cooking style. Check out our range of cooktops for some inspiration or visit us to see a variety of cooktops in our cutting-edge showroom.

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