Bottom Mount, Top Mount, & Side-By-Side Refrigerators: Choosing Your Perfect Fridge

Comparing of Different Refrigerator Types

Back in the day, the most likely find top-mount refrigerators in a home. These days, however, all sorts of fridges exist- side-by-side, top-mount, bottom-mount, and others. Although these appliances all serve the same purpose – keeping food cool and fresh – some might find that they prefer a certain style. Here lists some of the characteristics of side-by-side, top-mount, and bottom-mount refrigerators.

Side-by-Side Refrigerators

As the name suggests, the side-by-side refrigerator contains the freezer on one side (usually the left) and the compartment for fresh food (usually on the right). These are usually a little wider than a typical top-mount units. The freezer is usually larger than in top-mount and bottom-mount units. Therefore, for people who freeze a lot of leftovers or subsist on frozen foods, a side-by-side fridge might be a great option! Additionally, it provides easier access to your food without needing to bend or stretch to reach the freezer as you would in other units.

Although these units tend to be a bit wider, the doors open from the center rather than from one side. This means there is a little more space on either side to open the door instead of running the risk of hitting something. Side-by-side refrigerators also often have unique features such as water and ice dispensers, clear windows to see into the fridge, and even fancy user interface panels for use with smart home apps. Keep in mind that the additional features usually come at a higher price than your standard fridge. Lastly, since they tend to be larger, side-by-side units will usually use more energy and cost more to run.

Top-Mount Refrigerators

As mentioned above, top-mount refrigerators are the most common type of fridge found in homes. The freezer sits on top of the unit, and the fresh food compartment is below. The freezer usually comprises the top-third of the fridge – this is less than in a side-by-side unit. The freezer shelves are wide and are easy to access. Top-mount fridges might be useful if you prefer frozen food since the freezer will be at eye-level, as opposed to a bottom-mount fridge.

Because these types of refrigerators lack the frills found in side-by-side units (and are usually less aesthetically appealing), top-mount refrigerators are among the cheapest fridges on the market. The lack of features, however, also means that these units are more economical for your wallet and more energy efficient.

Bottom-Mount Refrigerators

Bottom-mount units find the freezer placed at the bottom of the unit with the fresh food compartment above. This might be really useful for those that like eating fresh food over frozen food because the fresh food is at eye-level. Having the freezer on the bottom makes it easy to scan to see what the freezer contains. Bottom-mount units are considered more contemporary than top-mount units in terms of design. This might be a good fit for those looking for something a little aesthetically unique.

Bottom-mount units tend to be a little more expensive because they are less efficient and less common than top-mounts. It may end up costing more to run over time. Its also possible to lose out on some storage since the freezer takes up more space.

At the end of the day, you have a wide variety of refrigerators to choose from. What you decide to buy depends on your style, your family, the types of food you eat the most, and your budget. When you are ready to look for a new refrigerator, make sure to come visit Brisbane Appliance Sales! We will be happy to help you find the new fridge that suits your needs and style!

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