Amazing Ideas To Consider When Building An Outdoor Kitchen

Creating a brand new alfresco space (outdoor or expanded living space) for your friends and family can be an exciting and overwhelming time.

There are budgets, space sizing, appliance options, and décor choices at every turn, and it can be a challenge to know what is the right choice for you and your needs. We want to make this experience as stress-free for you as possible, so here are a few tips and tricks to make your outdoor kitchen space an amazing one.

The Most Important Things to Consider: Food

When designing your outdoor kitchen space, two beneficial additions will take your outdoor kitchen to the next level: The BBQ and the stove/oven.

Your Needs

When choosing the best BBQ for your space, there a few things to consider. The first one is your needs. Take some time to figure out what type of cooking you prefer to do more frequently. Do you live in a climate where warmer days are common, and you’ll be grilling up meats and vegetables? Would you prefer a grill that functions all year round? Have you factored in the size of the crowd you will be cooking for? You will want a larger appliance if you plan on entertaining large groups of people more so than only cooking for your family.

Model and Make

Another variable to consider when deciding on a grill is the type.

Gas and Propane Grills are the most common and accessible options to choose from for the grilling enthusiast. Although these types may be pricier at purchase, upkeep is typically lower than other style grills.

While Gas and Propane are the most popular choices, Charcoal Grills are another crowd favorite. Although they are messier and more time consuming for upkeep, it’s hard to beat that savory and distinct taste of foods grilled over a charcoal flame.

If you are working with a tighter space for your outdoor kitchen, consider opting for an Electric Grill, which is more compact and very affordable.

Freestanding vs. Built-In

When deciding on the right oven for your Alfresco space, you have two ideal options to choose from which comes down to personal preference.

Freestanding ovens are detached from any, independently standing on four legs. You can choose the model and style of the grill with Freestanding depending on how you plan on using it, as they are considered “all-in-one ovens.” The great thing about the Freestanding is that you also can move them and place them wherever you wish, unlike a Built-In style oven. Build-In ovens are typically larger and offer more space and ease of cooking though, which is a good thing to note.

Decor and Style

By far the most fun part of creating your space is designing the decor. Don’t be afraid to get creative and unique. Alfresco and Outdoor Kitchen spaces can be as intricate and detailed as you desire. Think outside the box and look into pizza ovens, wine racks, built-in coolers, and much other fun and exciting additions you can incorporate.


Ask the Professionals

Choosing to have an Outdoor Kitchen expands your living areas, adds a statement space to your home, and allows you to cook, eat, and entertain without the need to go somewhere else. A well designed Outdoor Kitchen can make your Summer last all year long.

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