5 Timeless Kitchen Designs to Incorporate in your 2018 Renovation

We often associate things that are “fashionable” with clothing but really, there are “fashionable” designs as well. From décor to whole buildings, people may go with what is trendy at the time. However, trends come and go, so if you are thinking about a renovation, especially for the kitchen, you may want to consider one that not only reflects you and your style but is also timeless. Here are five of our favourite design features to include in your next kitchen renovation.

1 – Open Layout

Stop being secluded in the kitchen! Walls keep the kitchen closed off from the rest of the house, but getting rid of them and having an open plan changes both the look and feel. The kitchen is the heart of the home and can be a real gathering place if it is open and inviting. It is an excellent choice for anyone who likes to entertain as it encourages interaction, and is a great for families too, as they won’t feel so secluded and can have a chat while keeping an eye on dinner.

2 – Integrated Appliances

Long gone are the days where appliances need to stand out. More homeowners are choosing to have their appliances integrated and essentially hidden within cabinetry. This really leaves the door open on your kitchen design as you don’t really need to go by what your refrigerator or dishwasher looks like. You’ll look like you have a lot more space than you actually do. You won’t lose out on quality either, as many integrated kitchen appliances like the refrigerators at Brisbane Appliance Sales still have all the best features including digital controls, crisper drawers, energy-efficient LED lighting and door open alarms. Brisbane Appliance Sales can also offer integrated and semi-integrated dishwashers that work away without you having to notice.


3 – Bright Kitchens

Bright, white will always be a timeless colour as it can go with basically everything. They not only look clean and help open up the room, but your kitchenware and other furniture like a small table and chairs can be a bold colour to contrast and easily switched out when you want a change. The white look goes with so many things like wood and stainless steel too. White stone looks great as a backsplash and a white marble-looking countertop will complete the look with some elegance, or opt for a wood worktop to contrast. Brisbane Appliance can help find those appliances that go well with your white kitchen, whether you want them to also be white or a different shade to stand out.

4 – Silver features

The types of kitchen finishes can change from time to time, but the polished silver look is one that has seemed to have been around forever. No matter what style you choose, it’s that polished silver look that really makes it, with faucets and shelf brackets particularly benefiting from the lovely silver look. These simple details will add a sense of sophistication to any kitchen, with Brisbane Appliance Sales offering a wide range of taps and other features that can come with that polished silver look.

5 – Under-Counter Appliances

Save on counter space by having an under-counter appliance. You don’t need to worry about finding the right space for appliances like microwaves that also need to be near a plug. Having them implemented underneath a counter will not only save space but will look sleek and sophisticated. Brisbane Appliance Sales have microwave/combi ovens that are excellent additions to have in the kitchen that cuts on cooking tie and can be added within a counter instead of being a bulky item on top of it.

Feeling inspired?

Brisbane Appliance Sales are here to help you in you 2018 renovation, whether your kitchen needs an upgrade or you want to focus on another room, we have the right appliances and fixtures that can go with your design. From sinks and taps to integrated refrigerators and dishwashers, we’ll find the perfect additions for your design. Have a look at our products online or visit our showroom where we can speak to you about your appliance needs.

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